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Esti Grossman


Keynote speaker, Public speaking mentor & Workshops facilitator  

My name is Esti Grossman and I have been involved in sales and marketing for over 25 years.

Over the years, meeting with clients, motivating them to take action and seeing them adopt many of my suggestions has filled me with great satisfaction and led to a successful business career.

I was able to communicate with  customers according to their own  unique characteristics and needs.

Apart from one on one meetings, I also gave hundreds of presentations and conducted group meetings.

For years I was happy in my workplace. I succeeded. I excelled. Yet as I grew older it was no longer enough. I did some rethinking and began in a new, exciting direction.

Today I am where I want to be.

Discover yourself

Today I am a Keynote speaker, Public speaking mentor & Workshops facilitator.

These are my "enables" and this is my reality.
In my work I use tools and knowledge from different content worlds, including: Rhetoric, body language, effective presentation, NLP, mentoring, positive psychology, career counseling and more.

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience and pass on the techniques and tools I have acquired, so that you will also find your way to present your story & your ideas in your professional, academic and self-fulfilling life journey.

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 ?Why choose to work with me


 My mission in life is to help you reach your goals

Emphaty, attentive & Smile

That's who I am. smiling.

I love people, listen to them, advise and help. It makes me feel good. That's why I'm smiling :-)


You will always hear the truth.  Pleasant to hear it or not - I'll find the way because I know the truth will serve your purposes.


I advocate to provide service only in the things I am good at.

In what I did,  tried,  excelled and experienced.


I advocate gathering knowledge and tools from different fields and putting together a solution tailored made for you.


It is very important for me to be practical. Accurate. It's all about serving your goals, and in a focused and short process.

Availability and flexibility

Clients turn to me in moments of difficulty. It is important to me to give the answer in the fastest and most accessible way. facilitate.


Want to know more?

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